Lancaster County Council of the Arts

We enrich
through the power
of the
We enrich Lancaster County
through the power of the arts.

We facilitate public art.

We facilitate the creation of public art in partnership with local government and other organizations.

We make the arts accessible.

We provide arts  opportunities for children and adults.

We advocate for arts funding.

We educate state and federal government to secure public arts funding.

We promote local community culture.

We work with local arts venues to promote events and experiences.

We elevate  public art experiences across Lancaster County

Economic Impact

The creative economy attracts tourists and outside investment while supporting our local businesses and artists.

65 arts related businesses

These businesses and organizations employ 192 people in Lancaster County.

4.6 Million Employed Nationally

Arts non-profits employ 4.6M nationally, and ~600,000 in rural states.

Culture Attracts & Retains Workers

2 of 3 businesses say that arts and entertainment are important for attracting and retaining workers.


Every arts event generates $31.47 per person beyond the ticket price.

Educational Impact

Programs for adults and children make the arts accessible to everyone.

From summer camps to photography contests to weekly art lessons, our programs have something for all ages and all creative minds.

Artistic Impact

We help artists promote their work in Lancaster County.

Through our public art initiatives, local artists and artisans have opportunities to promote and sell their work through gallery exhibitions, festivals, and destination:art.

Support the Arts in Lancaster County

Lancaster County Council of the Arts

201 West Gay Street
P.O. Box 613
Lancaster, SC 29721

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Lancaster County Main Library

313 S. White Street, Lancaster, SC, 29720.

Located at the Lancaster County Main Library is Scholar, a smiling kitty from Paws On Parade. Local artist Melissa Caughman painted and designed Scholar, who sits atop a Bob Doster pedestal.


Wylie Street Pool

116 S. Wylie Street, Lancaster, SC, 29720

Orion, from Paws on Parade, was painted by local artist Abbey Hunter in 2018. He stands atop a Bob Doster pedestal at the Wylie Street Park in Lancaster and is inspired by the wonder of the stars above us, and the message to follow your instincts.


Red Rose Park

114 S. Main Street, Lancaster, SC, 29720

Caroline Rose, from Phase I of Paws on Parade, was painted by local artist Tish Bialecki in 2018. She sits atop a Bob Doster pedestal as she welcomes you in to the Red Rose Park, and is a tribute to all things South Carolina.


Lancaster County Animal Shelter

2074 Pageland Hwy, Lancaster, SC, 29720.

Journey, from Paws On Parade, is located at the Lancaster County Animal Shelter. This green-eyed kitty was painted by local artist Kristina Ray in 2020. Scout, from Paws on Parade, was painted by local artist Pook Bellini in 2020. Scout's home is also at the Lancaster County Animal Shelter.


Sun City Carolina Lakes - Lake House

1353 Del Webb Blvd, Indian Land, SC, 29707.

Paxton (Zentangles), from Litter #3 of Paws on Parade, was painted by local artist Joni Feddersen in 2019. Paxton is located next to the Lake House at Sun City Carolina Lakes.


Municipal Justice Center

405 E. Arch Street, Lancaster, SC, 29720

Valor, from Litter #2 of Paws on Parade, was painted by local artist Gina Noelle Ash in 2019. Valor resides at the City of Lancaster Municipal Center.


City of Lancaster Fire Station #2

453 Hubbard Drive, Lancaster, SC, 29720.

Freddie, from Litter #2 of Paws on Parade, was painted by local artist Tish Bialecki in 2019. Freddie is installed at Lancaster Fire Station #2.


Kershaw Public Library

103 N. Hampton Street, Kershaw, SC, 29067

Frida, from Litter #3 of Paws on Parade, was painted by local artist Gina Noelle Ash in 2020. Gina was also the artist responsible for 'Valor' at the Lancaster Municipal Justice Center. Frida is located at the Kershaw Branch of the Lancaster County Library.


MUSC Lancaster

800 W. Meeting Street, Lancaster, SC, 29720.

Candy, from Litter #3 of Paws on Parade, was painted by local artist Walt Simpson in 2020. She is located at MUSC Lancaster Campus and is the perfect thing to greet hospital guests.


University of South Carolina Lancaster

476 Hubbard Drive, Lancaster, SC, 29720.

Sonnet, from Phase I of Paws on Parade, was painted by local artist Fran Gardner in 2018. He stands atop a Bob Doster pedestal at USC Lancaster and has a poem wrapped around him!


Walnut Creek Park

10521 Walnut Creek Pkwy, Lancaster, SC, 29720.

Kaleidoscope, from Litter #2 of Paws on Parade, was painted by local artist Elisabeth Streeter in 2019. Kaleidoscope is located at the Sports Fields in the Walnut Creek neighborhood in Indian Land.


Lancaster County Airport - McWhirter Field

286 Aviation Blvd, Lancaster, SC, 29720.

Traveler, from Litter #3 of Paws on Parade, was painted by local artist Donna Pittman in 2019. Traveler's home is at the Lancaster County Airport, McWhirter Field.


Del Webb Library

7641 Charlotte Hwy, Indian Land, SC, 29707

Alpha, from Phase I of Paws on Parade, was painted by local artist Katelyn Shull in 2018. He resides outside of the Del Webb Library and encourages all to enjoy their childhood and to get out and read!


Lancaster County Administration Building

101 N. Main Street, Lancaster, SC, 29720.

The Lancaster County Administration Building is home to our professional and witty Paws Statue, Judge. This friendly statue enjoys visitors, he is even known to take adorable selfies. Judge was painted by local artist Dee Studebaker!


Discovery School

302 W. Dunlap St, Lancaster, SC, 29720.

Franklin, from Litter #3 of Paws on Parade, was painted by local artist Dianne Mahaffee in 2019. Franklin, our first cat as part of the parade, is located at Discovery School on Dunlap Street.


Lancaster County Sheriff's Office

1520 Pageland Hwy, Lancaster, SC, 29720

The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office is home to Arno, from Paws on Parade, he was painted by local artist Darwin Murphy in 2019. Darwin is well known for his "dramatic" watercolor and acrylic presentations of firefighting, but he is also inspired by the beauty and peace of rural South Carolina.


USCL Native American Studies Center

119 S. Main Street, Lancaster, SC, 29720.

The Native American Studies Center is home to Tasi, a wonderful Paws On Parade Statue. This location also offers a large display of Catawba Indian Pottery and various educational opportunities.


Dunlap Street Murals

107 W Dunlap Street, Lancaster, SC, 29720

The Dunlap Street Murals feature landmarks from across Lancaster County and other designs from local artist Russ Petty. While Petty designed and planned the mural, it was painted by almost 100 members of our community.


Van Wyck Community Center

5036 Old Hickory Road, Lancaster, SC, 29720

The Van Wyck Community Center sits in the middle of this 1,000 person community, hosting our Paws On Parade exhibit, Jacket, by artist Kristina Humphries Ray, as well as public art by local resident Bob Doster, which can be found across the surrounding property.


Lancaster's Main Street

Lancaster, South Carolina, 20720

Taking a stroll down Main Street will lead you to many public art displays. Colorful banners created by local youth hang on each block. Holidays bring decorations up and down the famous street in Lancaster. Nearby Red Rose Park hosts our Paws on Parade statue, Caroline Rose, by artist Tish Bialecki.


Sculpture Park

232 S Main Street, Lancaster, SC, 29720.

Public art is on full display here, with Ralph Waldrop's mural, Forward Together; The Spirit of Lancaster, and Spirit, artist Sheila Blackmon-Neal's Paws On Parade statue representing Lancaster's unity: "The different shades of hands represent the hard-working hands of all Lancastrians. We are one.”


Upper Palmetto YMCA – Indian Land

2816 WorldReach Drive, Fort Mill, SC, 29707

Glory, a patriotic and colorful Paws On Parade statue, is positioned at the main entrance of this newly constructed YMCA. Painted by Barbara Lynn, a retired teacher of the arts, Glory proudly stands guard over the northern part of our County.


Stevens Park

200 Close Circle, Kershaw, SC, 29067

Located in Southern Lancaster County, Kershaw is home to many artistic programs and exhibits. Home to our annual Arts & Sciences Summer Camp for local youth, Kershaw also hosts Petra Pechova's "Patches", a member of our Paws of Parade exhibition series.


Heath Springs Train Depot

101 Duncan Street, Heath Springs, SC, 29058

In Southern Lancaster County, Heath Springs is a beautiful town that often collaborates with our art initiatives. When in Heath Springs, take note of the historic Train Depot. Offering a picturesque view, the depot is home to a Paws of Parade statue, Skye, painted by local artist Marcia Pyner.


Lindsay Pettus Greenway

453 Colonial Avenue, Lancaster, SC, 29720

This greenway hosts two Paws On Parade statues, Trace and Forest, painted by local artists Walt Simpson and Fran Gardner. A trailside mural painted by internationally recognized artist Amiri Farris invites viewers to appreciate the scenes they may find along the trail.


The Historic Springs House

201 W Gay Street, Lancaster, SC, 29720

A key historical site in Lancaster, the Springs House is also the central location for all things art in the community. Exhibits here include banners designed by local youth, local artist Sydney Hinson's contribution to our Paws on Parade series, and a rotating gallery of local art.


Andrew Jackson State Park

196 Andrew Jackson Park Road, Lancaster, SC, 29720

Local artist Dianne Mahaffee's "Fetch" can be found at here as part of our Paws On Parade exhibition series. Asked about the series, Mahaffee said, "This project was a challenge because each artist starts with a stark white dog. I was delighted because I saw potential with creativity”.